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Overview of PocketPay’s Mobile Application and Features

PocketPay developed a mobile wallet based on the Solana blockchain with SolanaPay & eCommerce ability that does multiple DEFI actions.

PocketPay is a non-custodial crypto wallet that initially helps you access the world of DAPP and DeFi on the Solana Blockchain. PocketPay allows users to store their SOLANA-based assets/tokens securely, and it will also enable users to make smooth transactions directly on Blockchain without any centralized mediator.

☀️ PocketPay Devnet is released with SolanaPay integration.

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Here’s a complete overview of the PocketPay mobile app so you can see what it offers.

How to Create a Wallet in PocketPay?

1. Open the PocketPay app and Go to “Add Sol Wallet” on the upper left corner.

2. Select the “Create New Wallet.”

3. Back up your 12 mnemonic words.

4. Store them on a safe place.

5. You’ll get your new wallet after completing the process.

How to Import/Export Wallet in PocketPay?

1. Open the PocketPay app and Select “Import Wallet.”

2. Enter your private key and create your wallet name.

3. Click Import and done.

4. Similarly, you can export your wallet with a private key and mnemonic words.

Does PocketPay Support Multiple Wallet?

Yes, it does. You can add multiple solana wallets by clicking on the top left corner. Select “Add SOL Wallet” and create or import your wallets.

What kind of Tokens can be found in PocketPay?

Tokens based on SOL are supported (SPL) on PocketPay. Users can mint tokens themselves using an ‘Add Manual Token’ from the app.

PocketPay displays all of a user’s tokens in one place. Additionally, if a user wishes to hide any token, they can do so by swiping left.

How to Send & Receive Solana & SPL tokens?

1. Users can send Solana & SPL tokens by opening the scanner and scanning the QR code.

2. Enter the amount and Hit the Send button.

3. Additionally, they can receive the tokens by simply allowing others to scan their QR code.

4. You can directly swipe left on the token name to send/receive.

The QR code button is given on the home page (Upperside).

Can we reverse the transaction once it’s made?

No, PocketPay is a decentralized wallet, therefore, we cannot track or recover any transactions.

Does PocketPay Wallet Support NFTs?

Yes, PocketPay Wallet is able to collect and store Solana-based NFTs.

This is how you can collect NFTs with PocketPay.

1. Open the app.

2. Select Collectible from the bottom menu.

3. On the collectible screen, the user will be able to see their NFT collections and can receive their NFTs.

4. Moreover, Users can simply send pre-owned NFTs to others.

Users can simply send and receive NFTs by scanning the QR code.

How to Send Solana, SPL token & NFT using SNS?

Users can send Solana, SPL tokens, and NFTs by using the SNS (Solana Name Services).

1. Click on “Send.”

2. Add SNS address i.e. (abc.sol)

3. Enter amount.

4. Hit send.


Manage Wallet/Switch Wallet

Users can easily create, Import, or delete their wallets. By entering their password, they can export their private key and mnemonic of their wallet.

Users can delete the wallet as well.

PocketPay does not store your mnemonic, so it is crucial that you keep it somewhere safe. If you lose your private key or mnemonic, you’ll lose your wallet.

Change Password

Users can change their passwords hassle-free.

Change Network (Mainnet / Devnet / Testnet)

PocketPay users can change the network at any time and make transactions accordingly.

Face ID/ Touch ID

Users can set Face ID/Touch ID as an additional security measure using PocketPay, as it is compatible with all recent mobile devices.

Dark/ Light mode

PocketPay offers users a choice of light or dark modes to suit their preferences.

What should I do to protect my wallet?

1. Do not click on QR codes and links from unknown sources.

2. Do not reveal sensitive information about yourself.

3. Do not take screenshots of private keys or mnemonics to save them.

4. Use wallets and don’t export private keys or mnemonics in an insecure environment.

How do I change my password if I forget it?

If you didn’t backup the private key or mnemonic to import, you can try the password a few times.

By clicking ‘Reset password’, you can reset your password if you lose or forget it. To reset the password, type in your mnemonic. The new password will replace the old one.


That’s everything about PocketPay as of now. PocketPay marks its place among the top decentralized payment methods with its wide range of features.

PocketPay is planning to introduce new exciting features in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out for them. Stay tuned for more.

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