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PocketPay ~ Easy and Quick Transactions!

“The fastest way to send/receive payments in-store or online to businesses/contacts, that’s EasyPay.”

PocketPay’s EasyPay uses a blockchain wallet account to send/receive payments. It offers a business account creation interface that allows customers to pay with a QR code for both iOS and Android mobile Apps.

Easy pay has some excellent features, such as pay using PPAY, Send/transfer funds using QR code, Send/receive payments to contacts, explore subscriptions and discount codes, and add/search contacts from your contact list.

Let’s dwell on the details.

- Pay using PPAY

The PocketPay app provides an interface to create a merchant account and QR code directly from your Wallet. Any customer who purchases products from the store can scan QR codes and pay the merchant directly with PPAY tokens. PocketPay will initially use SOLANA as the Blockchain for payments due to its excellent speed compared to other Blockchains.

- Send, transfer funds using QR code.

PocketPay’s QR code option is one of the best features, allowing users to send and receive payments. Simply scan the QR code with the camera on your phone and make the payment.

- Send / Receive payments to contacts

PocketPay users and merchants can send and receive payments among their contacts who have the PocketPay app installed. All the transactions of send /receive will be completed on Blockchain.

Here’s how users can use this function.

1. User signup on the app using the phone number

2. Once a user creates the Wallet, it automatically binds with the phone number.

3. User selects the PocketPay app to pay for their purchases.

4. A merchant using PocketPay business account QR code

5. User scan QR code via EasyPay

6. The user sees the merchant’s name and the amount to be paid on his app.

7. The user then makes the payment with PPAY.

8. Once users submit the payments, it will open a decentralized wallet, making payment on the Blockchain.

9. Once payment is verified and the transaction is recorded, both user and merchant will be notified of a successful transaction in-app message.

How will a user send/receive payments?

1. Users can easily send payments using a QR code.

2. All the users on PocketPay are registered using Phone numbers so that their phone numbers can be searched on the app to send or ask for Payments.

3. A user can search for registered businesses to send payments.

- Review coupon and discount codes

Initially, PocketPay will partner with various manufacturers and retailers in specific zones of Asia to provide discounted coupons and great deals on famous brands and products.

Using the PocketPay app, customers will find a categorized list of independent discount codes marketed by our partners. An additional tab/page will appear during the checkout process containing a list of our merchandise partners with discount codes.

Project Status:
Technical documents are under final check, and the devnet will be released in January 2022.

PocketPay is a secured and all-in-one DAPP built on Solana that will allow the community to use cryptocurrency as their priority payment method that they can use on any retail store simply by scanning QR codes.

With PocketPay, users can manage their assets and pay for purchases, among other tasks, like Staking, Swapping, and managing NFTs.

For further information about PocketPay or Mobile CryproWallet, contact us at hello@pocketpay.finance.

Useful Links:

️ Website: https://pocketpay.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketPayFin






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