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PocketPay Mobile Application Bug Bounty Campaign

PocketPay apps are being launched on Android and iOS app stores. It’s time for the community to evolve and make things right; yes, it’s a bug bounty campaign where we invite all types of community members to provide a better user experience and discover application vulnerabilities + suggestions.

Bug bounty campaigns and prices are based on the following types and categories.

The rewards are based on the issue priority type:

☀️ Download PocketPay Mobile Application

🔗 Android


🔗 iOS


📄 Overview of PocketPay’s Mobile Application and Features


📄 Pay Guide 👇


📄 WhitePaper:


Join us in making PocketPay a Solana ecosystem player!

⏰ Time: 10 am 27th June — 10 am 17th July (UTC)

🎁 Prize Pool: 50000 PPAY.

✉️ Please email us at support@pocketpay.finance

What We Expect

We want our community to spend some time exploring the PocketPay apps, finding the bugs, issues, and threats, and reporting them to support@pocketpay.finance with the subject line “Bug Bounty Participation.”

In the email, please mention your name and telegram ID along with the Issue type, description, network type, and screenshots.

Make sure you follow us on

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketPayFin

📱 Telegram: https://t.me/pocketpay_chat

📱 ANN Channel — https://t.me/pocketpay_announcements

How we decide the winners

Once you submit the issue, our tech team will analyze it, and based on the task nature, the participants will be placed in the winner’s pool. Winners will be announced officially by our team.

Rewards — Participants will be selected for rewards according to their findings.


— The bug bounty campaign is always ongoing, and we welcome any issue you want to report.

— Rewards to the participants are based on the issue and its type.

— All the rewards to participants will be in PPAY tokens; the number of PPAY per participant will be based on the issue and its types.

— Rewards in PPAY tokens will be distributed to your PocketPay wallet address 1 week after TGE.

— Switch network to devnet and use sol faucet to airdrop dummy SOL for the test. https://solfaucet.com/




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