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SolanaPay 🧩 PocketPay ~ Devnet Test Guide

Supercharged SolanaPay payment solution is now available on PocketPay.

Here is how you can test the PocketPay wallet with SolanaPay on devnet


Create multiple wallets on PocketPay, one for the Merchant to receive payments and another to send payments as users.


COPY Sol Wallet Address


Request TEST Sol for Testing. Please go to https://solfaucet.com/


After receiving TEST Sol, please open the following URL where we installed an official Solana POS application to test the SolanaPay in real-time.


Note you can change the recipient address (SOL Address) in the above URL (EKPCh48s9TgAxYqtvLKAAsqc66CZztTwjCGokzv9CVT3) to the merchant address you created for the test.


Change the amount you wish to pay using the SolanaPay application. Example 0.05 SOL.


Once you enter the SOL amount, click on “Generate Payment Code.” A QR code will be generated.


Make Payment from PocketPay App.

To scan the QR code — open the PocketPay wallet with the user address where you airdropped with TEST SOL.

At the top right, you see a Scan button. Just click on it, scan the QR code, and make the payment by clicking the “Send” button.

Both web and mobile applications will get refreshed with payment confirmation in a few seconds.

That’s it!

Check out the attached video guide for app testing and functionality. 👇

It’s just the beginning, a lot more to come like this. Share your experience, thoughts, and expectations on Twitter (tag @PocketPayFin) to make PocketPay more user-friendly.

PocketPay Finance

PocketPay is a Solana chain-based mobile wallet compatible with the recently introduced SolanaPay, a fast and secured payment /gateway method on Solana blockchain. Our wallet works both on Sol and SPL-based assets.

Apart from SolanaPay, the wallet allows storing NFTs, Swapping, marketplace, Dapps, and staking. The main feature that makes PocketPay different from other available wallets is the EasyPay features, enabling merchants to create dedicated accounts to accept payment offline and maintain and see the transaction in BI reports.

With Easy Pay, we’re also developing a Pocket Launch program dedicated to launching startups on our app. The new startups with innovative ideas and merchandise will host their services/products on our apps to represent the market.

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PocketPay Finance

Smart mobile POS wallet for Solana with multiple DEFI features. Whitepaper & Devnet Releases in Feb’22.