We need your help to support development of the PocketStoic app

We need your help to bring PocketStoic to Android!
It has been over a year since our five-person volunteer team set out to create the first fully-featured Stoicism app for iOS. But we need your help to keep our project alive and achieve our vision on Android as well.

What does PocketStoic do?
The ancient Stoics provided a practical framework for fortifying the mind and living a virtuous life. Our goal is to fully incorporate this framework into PocketStoic.

A Final Note
With our 5 person team of Will, Anton, Paul, Sean and Rob, as well as the help of our trusted advisors Massimo Pigliucci, Donald Robertson, William B. Irvine, Tim LeBon, and Gregory Sadler, we hope to bring this ancient philosophy into the 21st century — to improve our lives as individuals, to impact the world at large, and to prepare to pass the torch to the Stoics of the future.

Thank you for your support.
- The PocketStoic Team (Will, Anton, Paul, Rob, Sean)