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Announcing Highrise HCC LAND Presale and New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website https://highrise.game in conjunction with our first LAND presale. Our first LAND presale is reserved exclusively for holders of the Highrise Creature Club. There are 6,666 ERC-721 LAND parcels on the Ethereum blockchain that compose an island called Creature Island. The presale will begin on April 27 at 9 AM EST. Read on to find out more details!

If you own a Highrise Creature, COMPLETE THIS FORM to join the Whitelist sale. We will check all addresses and ownership on this form ~24 hours and immediately before the sale to ensure holders actually own their Creatures.

If you don’t own a Creature, you can buy it on TokenTrove.com or the Immutable X marketplace. If you buy one and complete the form above, you are guaranteed whitelist for the Creature Island LAND presale.

HCC LAND presale whitelist

You must own a Highrise Creature in order to purchase LAND on Creature Island. You can visit the island on our website here.

Creature Island

The presale will be split into two phases. Phase 1 will begin on April 27 at 9 AM EST and last 24 hours. Whitelist slots during this phase will be distributed as follows:

  • 1 LAND parcel whitelist per Creature.
  • +2 LAND parcel whitelists per Legendary Creature (1-of-1 or Holo).
  • +1 LAND parcel whitelist for the top 100 most engaged HCC holders in the Highrise app over the last month + the month of April.

Phase 2 begins immediately after phase 1 ends, on April 28 at 9 AM EST. In this phase, Creature holders will be able to purchase up to 10 additional parcels until Creature Island is sold out. This phase will last 48 hours.

LAND Map Preview

LAND presale details

  • LAND will entitle landowners to build their own Highrises. You can read more about the details of LAND here.
  • LAND will be sold on Layer 1 Ethereum and purchasable exclusively with ETH. This means LAND will be available to be bought and sold on OpenSea.
  • Standard LAND will cost ~$200 in ETH (0.06 ETH at current prices).
Standard Land NFT Thumbnail
  • Premium LAND will cost ~$600 in ETH (0.18 ETH at current prices). Premium LAND is LAND that encircles the 6 pre-defined Estates on Creature Island. There will be 1,111 Premium land parcels. The primary value of Premium LAND is that it is proximate to high-activity Estates.
Premium Land NFT Thumbnail
  • Each LAND will come up with a randomly generated tower in Creature styling, unique to Creature Island. Premium towers look different from Standard towers.
  • Adjacent LAND will be able to be combined into Estates (if you own all of the LAND) and Districts (DAOs formed by multiple landowners). This will not be available on launch but will be added in the near future. Estates/Districts can be 3x3, 6x6, 9x9, and 12x12 and allow owners to upload thumbnails.
Estate Building Example
  • We will not be supporting a shopping cart feature, so you must purchase each LAND parcel one by one.

WEN LAND Utility?

As outlined in this post, you’ll be able to build your own Highrise on LAND. This presale is heavily discounted to enable early believers to purchase LAND on which they can build rich communities and experiences when the tools are released.

We anticipate adding additional utilities like tax collection, custom branding, and more over time.

Make sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date. See you in the metaverse!




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