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Announcing Highrise Creature Club NFTs

Today, we’re announcing our first project to bring blockchain technology to Highrise: the Highrise Creature Club.

The Highrise Creature Club (HCC) is our first non-fungible token (NFT) collection of Highrise avatars in the style of Creatures — think eCreatures, goblins, goth babies, and more! Each creature will come with a set of items that can be worn inside the Highrise world. The avatars are programmatically generated from traits that have been designed by the Highrise team and curated to look appropriately creature-like. We’ll release 11,111 Creatures: 10,000 are reserved for public sale, 1,000 are reserved for the existing Highrise community, and 111 will be owned by Highrise for giveaways and other internal purposes.

This first NFT collection will come with several perks:

  • Ability to wear each item in your Creature outfit inside Highrise.
  • Access to an exclusive Creature Club room in Highrise.
  • We’re working on a breeding mechanic where you’ll be able to breed new collections from the HCC.
  • Access to future item airdrops and early access to future Highrise NFTs.
  • Unlocked Sky Pass if you hold an NFT upon Sky Pass launch.

We’re also aware that minting directly on Ethereum can harm the environment. That’s why we’ll be using the Immutable X Layer 2 blockchain for our items, ensuring that minting is cheap and energy-efficient. Immutable X just raised $82M while hosting the most oversubscribed ICO in CoinList history, so we are excited to be one of their first partners.

Once you have your NFT, you’ll be able to do whatever you like with it. You can move it to Ethereum directly or trade it on the Immutable marketplace. We believe that Highrise citizens should have complete ownership over their items, and blockchain is the path to do this. You can read more about our goal to build a Highrise Digital Nation here.

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