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Sep 27, 2017 · 3 min read

One of the most time consuming parts of creating a podcast episode is the edit. Depending on factors like how much audio you’ve recorded, what type of podcast you have, and what you want your final episode to sound like, you could be in for many hours sat in front of a screen until you can publish your latest episode.

You could hire an editor to take the workload of your hands and free up time.

But if you’re not put off by the challenge then here are a few option to consider for digital audio workstations or DAWs for short.

Each option includes all the tools you’ll need for making your show sound great.


Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Price: Free

Often recommended because of its lack of price, cross-platform availability, and its powerful feature set that includes everything you need to work with audio.

Audacity is an open-source software project meaning that anyone can contribute to its development. This usually means that contributors focus on features than aesthetic so while Audacity might not look like the most inviting, it is more than capable of handling large projects and complex audio processes.

The only extra you’ll need to download is the MP3 exporter which is not included but you’ll definitely need.


Platform: Mac, iOS

Price: Free

Part of the appeal of GarageBand is that it’s preinstalled on all Mac computers and is a free download for iOS devices meaning that you can sync projects between your iPad and Mac.

What’s more is that GarageBand includes a number of software synths and royalty-free music loops that you can use to compose your own music or include as jingles to add an extra flavour to your episodes.

Pro Tools | First

Platform: Mac, Windows

Price: Free

Pro Tools is used by Hollywood sound mixers on some of the biggest films — and is my DAW of choice — and this free version can certainly handle podcasts.

As well as the usual editing tools you’d use, Pro Tools | First also includes solid mixing plugins like EQs, compressors, and other effects that can be used to improve your audio tracks and, if you’re musically inclined, there’s also software synths and drum machines included too.

Avid, the company that makes Pro Tools | First, also offer a cloud syncing option that makes collaborating with a co-host or friend streamlined and simple.

Adobe Audition

Platform: Mac, Windows

Price: Free as part of Adobe CC or $19.99/£20.22 a month standalone

Chances are you’ve used Photoshop at some point, maybe you’re even a subscriber to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of softwares. If you are then you’ll likely have Audition available to you to use.

Audition offers powerful editing and mixing tools as a standalone DAW which also, unsurprisingly, integrate deeply into other Adobe software like Premiere for video editing if you’re a multidisciplinary creative.

Logic Pro X

Platform: Mac

Price: £199.99/$199.99

Apple’s flagship audio editor is a step-up from GarageBand and is a professional-grade DAW.

Everything available in GarageBand is included in Logic Pro X which can even open your GarageBand sessions so you can take advantage of the advanced features available like audio time-stretching for example.

Head on over to the Sonics website if you’re looking for help with your podcast. I’ve worked with Silicon Valley startups and creative business owners alike on their podcasts.

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Podcast 101

All you need to know to record, edit, and publish a podcast from @SonicsPodcasts

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Podcast 101

All you need to know to record, edit, and publish a podcast from @SonicsPodcasts

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