Monthly curation of 5 podcast listen. Theme: Motivate. | Illustration: @liucid_

002_Selected Podcast Episodes for the the Work Weekday: Listens to Motivate You.

Monday: “The answer is within.”…BULLSHIT! In this listen, Tai Lopez explains why this is false. He makes a case that the answer is actually to first study others that you aspire to be…study, study, study, and in turn implement.

Initially found this in Spotify’s podcast section under “The Tai Lopez Show.”

Tuesday: You have agency- you have the power to create moments that matter! Dan Heath (you might know him as one of the authors of NY Times Bestsellers “Made to Stick.”) outlines the psychology and formulas behind what makes for a powerful moment. He then cements this with super interesting stories that serve as lovely examples.

Dan Heath “The Power of Moments

Wednesday: Paula Pant interviews Emma Pattee, a 26 year old self made millionaire. This talk highlights just how spectacular both Paula, and Emma’s internal locus of control is. For me, a key takeaway from listening to this episode was, “there is a solution. there is an answer.”

Initially found this on the blog/podcast Afford Anything. (On lifestyle and finance.)

Thursday: A story focused podcast that began as a documentation of Megan Tan navigating her post-grad life. Megan Tan is an amazing storyteller, who is very personable, warm, wise, insightful and deep- overall it’s so so so good and so beautiful!

Friday: A quick 5 minute motivation and reminder from Lewis Howes via The School of Greatness to end the work week!

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