Podcast Delivery Roundup: August 2018

August’s podcasts have turned up the fresh factor! We’re really excited to dive into the top-10 August 2018.

10. The Short Stories of Augie Peterson (Independent)

Augie Peterson is a creator through and through; so it’s no surprise to see her collection of fun (yes, fun) paranormal/horror stories evolve into a podcast!

She just announced a hiatus so if you’re looking to catch up on her 50+ short stories now is the time!

9. Support for this Podcast (Independent)

How could we not support the wit and delight of Emily Amy Lauren Becca and her podcast Support for this Podcast?

We clear support Support for this Podcast and fully support the self-proclaimed statement that this is for people whose love language is insightful mocking that comes from the heart.

The puns are endless.

In reality, all of this is supported and developed by the brilliant minds of Jessica Fontana & Ryan Langer.

8. Self Care Sundays (Independent)

Self Care Sundays is a podcast that centres communities of colour and their access to sustainable, non-commercialized self-care. With over 200 episodes under their belt and season 2 wrapped up you’re bound to find a topic or two that you’re interested and then quickly realize that Aditi Juneja, Jess Talwar, and Cato approach all their conversations responsibly and with a level of thoughtfulness that keeps every episode

7. Murdertown (Independent)

If you’re looking for an over-the-top take on fictional true-crime (yes, that’s a thing) then look no further than Murdertown, a podcast where at least one or two new murders pop up each episode.

Come to this podcast to discover who murdered Catskill “Bones” McGillivray. Stick around because of how absurd it is.

6. Cosmic Vertigo (ABC Science & Radio National)

Dr. Amanda Bauer and Dr. Alan Duffy are doctorates of all things space, including those that are incomprehensible. When you realize that there’s a whole lot left to discover it becomes really easy to let these two guide your thinking through just how massive the depths of space are.

Hold on for a wild ride. You’re bound to experience a little cosmic vertigo with Cosmic Vertigo.

Cosmic Vertigo can be an atmospheric escape but it can also be your crash course in the intricate science that keeps us all rooted on planet Earth (for now…).

5. Mindfully (ABC Australia)

Being mindful is a learned skill that has endless benefits. It’s no wonder there’s an emerging podcast genre that focuses on mindfulness and meditation.

4. Curiosity Daily (Curiosity)

More and more, podcasts are being used as a way to educate listeners. It makes perfect sense to have Curiosity, a platform that aims to make learning new things easier than ever, produce Curiosity Daily.

Hosts Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer give you your daily dose of knowledge with this great podcast!

3. Deliberations (Audioboom)

Jury duty is usually a complete snore but not with Deliberations on the docket. This is a modern day, improvised audio drama for the truest of true crime fans – you know, the ones that actually enjoy jury duty.

Each season reviews a real life case with six improvisers serving as the jury. Like every true crime fan, they all react, negotiate, and argue opposing interpretations of the evidence.

2. Murder We Wrote (Independent)

We normally wouldn’t feature two verrry similar true-crime parody podcasts so closely together, but Murdertown (#7) and Murder We Wrote are both verrry good!

This time we find ourselves in Moonpark, Arizona where a chance discovery in a dumpster behind the Circle K kicks off the story and the investigation.

1. Good Sport (Independent)

Rarely does the topic of a hot dog eating competition captivate an audience, but when it does it should be because a podcast host was brave enough to craft an entire episode’s arch around it.

Good Sport, indeed.

Good Sport is a solo endeavour. Good Sport is one man’s monologue. Good Sport is good, plain and simple. Discover your love of sport all over again with this great podcast.

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