Podcast Delivery Roundup: May 2018

Podcast creators invest so much of their time creating fresh episodes only to have them compete with the 1,408 podcast episodes that come out in a given day.

Continuing with our monthly tradition, here are the top podcasts we delivered in the month of May.

10. Gears and Beers Podcast

This one is pretty self explanatory. Cars and alcoholic beverages aren’t supposed to mix, but Mitch Denham and Joseph Riga bring two of their passions together for their listeners.

Please enjoy responsibly.

9. Thinkularity

We’ve all thought about doing this so when it’s done well you can’t help but appreciate a podcast about two friends talking about the internet. Since the internet is practically endless, you run the risk of uncovering something unique but hosts Paul & Gil keeps us on track and informed about the important corners of tech.

8. The Pestle

Passion for filmmaking can take you anywhere. In the case of Wes Evans, Todd Sapio, and Icarus Burning Productions there’s no shortage of creativity. Artists by trade and through first hand learning, these gents come together for some lengthy conversations about film.

Each podcast episode delivers an in-depth review of some really important movies. New episodes come out every Tuesday.

7. The Podd Socks Podcast

Sometimes people need to ask questions that make others cringe. Sometimes others need to talk about out-there topics like “Interesting Lakes” or “Advent Calendars”.

Either way, this Australian comedy podcast draws you in. Case in point– this is the artwork for their latest episode:

We’ll leave you with this morbid lead-on.

6. Hashtag Local News

Annie, Mike, Karenna, and Zach delve through your local news for things to discuss and actually go so far to feature guests like Amazon’s Alexa and Mr. Soon-to-be-a-Doctor, Scott.

If that’s not enough, indulge in the unabashed love of Joel McHale.

5. Surf Memphis

Couchsufing could only happen in the 21st century, but before that wasn’t it simply letting weary & wayward travellers crash on your couch? Imagine the stories that could come of such a thing.. or y’know, check out Surf Memphis, a podcast where a couple twenty-somethings have strangers from all over the world to sleep on their couch for free then show them Memphis, Tennessee!

4. Binge and Purge

Netflix expects to spend $8 billion on original content by the end of 2018. By that math the hosts of Binge and Purge podcast have a lot to work with, even if all that money goes to Fuller House.

Join Dixon, Berry, Max, Brian, Nick, and Drews every week as they discuss some of Netflix’s original content, good or bad.

3. Ladies, We Need To Talk

Sometimes its easier to just share a podcast’s description straight from it’s website:

Ladies, We Need To Talk is a podcast for women, by women, that isn’t afraid to dive head first into the tricky topics we often avoid talking about. Join host Yumi Stynes as she tears open the sealed section on life. With sensitivity, personal stories, and serious smarts, this is for women who feel the squeeze between work, their private life, and their pelvic floor.

2. Voiceclub

Podcasts provide a medium for anyone to discuss topics that matter to them. Sometimes you get some duds, but with Voiceclub; Tim Adalin challenges listeners to some thoughtful reflection on topics such as philosophy, meaning, and psychedelics.

1. Song Salad Podcast

When best friends meet every week to record a podcast that is left up to chance, it better be good. Lucky for us Shannon and Scott have chemistry, are genuinely funny, and are complete in their creativity: one random music genre + a random Wikipedia article = one great podcast.

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