Another Round

An Old Way to Tell New Stories

In recent years podcasts have become increasingly more popular. It is an odd phenomenon considering radio broadcasting is an old medium of telling stories. But now cellphones allow people to have a radio in their hands.

Podcasts have now expanded their range of topics. There are podcasts devoted to sports, politics, pop culture and everything in between. There is even a podcast devoted to talking about every episode of the West Wing. Why? Don’t ask me.

There are even podcast companies like Gimlet Media, NPR and Pineapple Street Media that create, record and produce people’s podcasts.

Another Round is one of Buzzfeed’s podcast hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. The show is devoted to sharing the storie of people of color. The hosts, Heben and Tracy, like to highlight the story’s of writers, comedians, people in media and even Hillary Clinton.

Major FOMO (see Mame it works here)

I’m not kidding these two got to interview Hillary Clinton.

Other high profile guests include Melissa Harris-Perry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gene and Linda from Bob’s Burgers, Senior Advisor to President Obama Valerie Jarrett, Uzo Aruba, Chris Matthews and many more.

The podcast sounds fresh and natural. It is almost like eavesdropping on a phone call between two best friends (which is actually another podcast). During the show they have different segments called Tracy’s Joke Time, What Had Happen Was, Career Corner and Is this Real Life. Each segment is a reoccurring part of every episode.

A recent development in the podcast world are events called Live Shows. Podcasts are now renting out Bars, Theaters and even the TedTalk stage to host tapings of their shows. Live shows give fans a chance to interact with the host on a person level.

Heben and Tracy’s most recent live show was in Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention.

Similar to other pop culture icons both Heben and Tracy have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat accounts to give fans a closer look into their lives.

Oh, the best part about the show is Heben and Tracy, and their guests, drink during the show. Hence the name Another Round. There have even been episodes where the hosts have a few too many rounds and things get out of hand.

My favorite thing about Another Round is that listening along is just fun. They make me laugh when Tracy reads her random thoughts from her Twitter and they make you think when they talk about housing segregation. My week now revolves around when they will release there next episode.

I hope that after you read this you are motivated to download their newest episode.

Stop by next week to check out another podcast!