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Podcasting for Introverts

The bigger reason why you need to launch your podcast

Tim C Star
Jul 23, 2019 · 4 min read

In my experience, if you’re an introspective person, you tend also to be an introvert. Which means that you draw energy from alone time, more than from social time. And THIS creates a conundrum if you ALSO feel like you have something of value to share with the rest of the world.

Introverts generally don’t care if we are overlooked at a party (or if we’re not invited, in the first place). We’re happy to hang out on the fringes and watch. But it doesn’t mean we’re antisocial; just that we’d rather engage in conversations of import than small talk.

One of the stereotypical perceptions of introverts is that we are socially awkward, and that THIS is the reason we hang out in the corner at those parties. In truth, we just aren’t any good at talking about the weather.

But get us in a group of people with a common interest (think computer convention), and you’ll see plenty of people who are totally comfortable interacting with complete strangers; laughing and joking, having passionate, animated discussions. And many of those discussions are born within moments of two people meeting.

So, what does this have to do with podcasting? This: the vast majority of podcasts — there are as many as 700,000 of them! — are created by people who want to share something they have an interest in with others. Much like wanting to tell your friends about the great new movie you just saw.

And, why do you want to tell your friends? Because you want to enrich their lives. No, you don’t think of it in those terms, but it’s true. And, why do you want to enrich their lives? Because in doing so, you enrich your own. When others around us are happier, WE are happier.

But, what if you have something bigger to share? Something more important than the latest Avengers release? What if you feel like you have <gasp!> a message? Sharing this with your friends is fine, but you’re not going to feel like it’s enough, especially if you’re in a place in time where you want to make a lasting contribution to the world. If you’ve ever been through this, you already know what I mean.

What to do? Podcasting might just be your answer, for at least 3 reasons.

  1. For VERY little — even NO — money, you can make your message accessible to the entire world.
  2. Podcasting will open doors.
  3. You will be changed.

Let’s look closer at these three things…

  1. First of all, you don’t have to spend money to launch a podcast. You CAN get started with just the phone in your hand and a Facebook or YouTube account, and there are other free options, as well. Is FREE the best route to go? Of course not, but I’m taking away that excuse.
  2. Want to share and explore this big idea you have with people who can speak the language, and who will challenge and expand your perspective? Pssst! Here’s a secret… YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT! There is a never-ending stream of guests waiting to be a part of your conversation. You only need to ask. And by asking, you will be exposed to new opportunities.
    Which brings us to the third — and most important — reason to launch your podcast.

3. a) The very act of reaching out (don’t worry, you can do it by email) to people of status in the arena of ideas in which you want to play will probably cause you to step outside your comfort zone. You’ll survive, and you’ll find that it’s really pretty easy. In fact, it can be fun to do.

b) When you run a podcast, you will grow into a larger aspect of yourself. Your self-confidence will improve (in large part, because of the praise you’ll receive from guests and listeners). Your self-image will benefit, too, because you’ll begin to feel comfortable in the role of leader. You will also have something more accessible for others to talk about at those parties — while still having an interest in it — so you’ll expand your network of contacts and friends, which is how you find opportunities that would otherwise never come to you.

c) Lastly, you’ll feel pride in creating something of value in the world; something that not everyone achieves.

You are already changing. You’re not the same person you were even last week, and you’re going to be a different person a year from now. This is not up to you. What IS up to you is the WAY you change. You can become more introverted and reclusive (and likely, less happy), or you can come out of your shell a little, and find that more things in life have become enjoyable.

There is much more to say about each of these line items, and there are many more that could be added, but the goal of this article is to plant a seed of inspiration. The bottom line is this: The time is going to pass, anyway, and the person you are today will cease to exist. Are you willing to let your future self be determined by random events, or would you rather have some say-so in the person you will become?


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