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Give your Podfan page a fresh coat of paint

Did you know that your Podfan page can change color? You can choose from a palette of colors that match your cover art, or you can select any color. Just visit the Appearance tab of your dashboard.

But that’s not the only way to customize it!

  • Create 1 or more host profiles, each with a picture and social links
  • Add social links for your page
  • Select a featured episode
  • and more!

Wait, what’s a Podfan page?

It’s a free website for your podcast — highly customizable — that let’s you offer a membership for your podcast. It’s free to set up a basic membership tier. That means you can receive recurring monthly income from your members, and Podfan takes no cut. You only pay the Stripe transaction fee. There’s never been a better time to create a podcast membership.

Your members will instantly get access to updates you post on Podfan (it’s like a private blog for members only). And if you want, you can create a membership tier that unlocks a private feed. Podfan makes it super easy to host and distribute a private feed to your members.

What can you offer your members? Glad you asked. I’ve curated an excellent list of rewards here.

🎙️ Happy podcasting! 🎤

All things podcasts and Podfan!

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Jamie Perkins

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