Pods Raises $5.6M to Create Structured Products for Crypto Assets

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3 min readDec 19, 2022


Sao Paulo, Brazil –19.12.22– DeFi technology company Pods is announcing today that it has raised $5.6M in Seed Funding to create structured products for crypto assets earlier this year. The financing had investors such as IOSG, Tomahawk, Republic, Framework Ventures, 4RC, Alexia Ventures and more.

“At Pods, we are proud of what we have achieved and thrilled to continue building the future of Defi. I am honored to announce that we have completed a $5.6 million seed round. The Pods team is excited about this next stage of building world-class structured products for crypto assets.” Said Rafaella Baraldo, Founder and CEO of Pods.

“We have talked to hundreds of stakeholders to understand their needs and improve our platform according to their feedback. Recently Pods did four security audits on its Pods Yield product, two of them with OpenZeppelin in November and December 2022. We are not only generating results but have developed a range of products dedicated to assisting DeFi protocols to diversify their treasury into low-risk strategies, making their treasury strategy more resilient”

Today, most DeFi yield strategies depend on liquidity mining campaigns, incur a hard-to-estimate risk, and most use spot markets. Pods foresee opportunities to set up automated derivatives strategies independent of liquidity mining. Risk and return analyses are transparent and quantitative.

Pods is excited to offer a platform that helps DeFi users be exposed to professional investment strategies without having to be financial engineers but also assists DeFi protocols to diversify their treasury into low-risk strategies, in order to create a healthier financial status.

As a DeFi protocol, it offers an alternative to yield on crypto assets as opposed to CeFi lenders.

Pods Yield is a series of open-source smart contracts that algorithmically runs a known investment strategy, receive deposits, and process withdrawals. Today users can deposit ETH and stETH into the vault stETHvv (short for stETH Volatility Vault) and be exposed to a low-risk but complex-to-execute strategy in one click.

About Pods

Pods’ mission is to establish frictionless structured products for crypto assets.

Pods have built one of the most innovative and safe tools in the Defi space. The company recently did security audits for its Pods Yield product with OpenZeppelin. With the success of its products, security audits, and brand efforts, Pods has set standards for building Defi methods in a fast-growing sector.

The team is excited to offer a platform focused on infrastructure and serving professional clients, investors looking to diversify their portfolio allocation, and have a safe and different strategy to invest in. And, since this is a DeFi strategy, users can also inspect the contracts and verify that the code is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, being genuinely trustless.

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