Tutorial: How to Partially Withdraw from stETHvv

Partially withdrawing directly from Etherscan

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3 min readMar 1, 2023


Currently, the stETHvv's app does not support partial withdrawals from the strategy, only full ones but this feature is coming up soon! But in case you want to exit part of your position from the stETH Volatility Vault (or in case you can’t access our front end for any reason), follow this easy tutorial interacting directly with the contracts through Etherscan.


  1. First things first, head on over to the stETHvv strategy address on Etherscan (0x463f9ed5e11764eb9029762011a03643603ad879)

2. Once you're there, click on "Contract" to get started.

3. Next up, click on "Read Contract"

4. Now let's check how many shares in stETHvv tokens you have by using the "balanceOf" function and pasting your address in "account(address)". Then click on "Query" and write down the output somewhere so you do not forget it 🤓.

5. Now let's go to the "Write Contract" tab and connect your wallet by clicking on "Connect to Web3". Look out for the red icon 🔴 to turn green 🟢, indicating that you’re good to go.

6. Finally, look for the "Redeem" function and add as inputs the following:

  • shares(uint256): how many shares you want to redeem. For example: if you want to exit from only half of your position, you should add half of the total shares you currently hold.
  • receiver(address): your address
  • owner(address): your address

And that's it! Soon this feature will be on the app making this process much easier for you.

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