By Kyle Benson

Build a business in 5 days

Get the love of your life in 4

We live in a world of manipulation

A world masked by it’s own fantasies

Covered in marketing propaganda

New entrepreneurs teaching new entrepreneurs

Selling how to start a six figure business

Without even doing it themselves

The news flashes warnings of new products
Of hazardous pills
While it promotes toxic beliefs
in the form of capsules
To lose the weight of our
Cheeseburger lifestyle
in just 30 days
How are we to survive
Without the lies

How can we live in chaos

when everything needs to have a fucking meaning

How are we suppose to love

When all we do is work

How are we suppose to be happy

when our happiness comes from objects

not the micro-experiences of our lives

The moments with our kids playing with legos
Or the look our wife gives us as we place the 5 minute meal
in radiation and press start.

Our lives are too busy, too fast

Are we missing all of it?

Should we speed it up even more?

Drug our lives out just a little longer

Kill our kidneys for the sake of our knee pain?

Should we lie some more about the fear of our fate
That there is none…
That our lives may mean nothing more than the moments we have
That the future is never here
Cause all we have is this moment
The dull, mundane, human experience in the right here, right now

In 2013, I got sick, was forced to see 98 different doctors and have since struggled over the last three years to regain my health. I’m a retired perfectionist who is opening up the honest feelings and stories of my flawed past (and present) for others to read in my publication, Fighting with the Shadows of Hell.

Right now I am in grad school to become a couples (maybe sex) therapist to help others overcome issues I have dealt with or helped others so far. I’m no expert, but if you’d love some tips to have healthier relationship, check out my personal site here.

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