By Kyle Benson

I love the unexpected hug
Not when I first see you
Or when I leave

The one that comes from nothing
while I’m cooking dinner
Or when I walk past
Even in the tiny apartment

It’s not like the subtle butt tap
Or quick back rub

It’s the one where you stop all of time
Where you squeeze minutes out of seconds

You hold me and I hold you
And as I loosen my grip to signal I’m done
You squeeze tighter, pressing against me

My heart slows,
yet my veins flood with love
I fall into the hug, 
I fall into you
I embrace you 
as you embrace me

It feels like the last hug I’ll ever get
The last hug I’ll ever need
Even though it’s just an insignificant, unexpected hug
To me, it’s the most significant & telling hug of all

In 2013, I got sick, saw a shrink, and have spent the last few years fixing my relationships and helping others do the same. I’m a retired perfectionist who is opening up the honest feelings and stories of my flawed past (and present) for others to read.

Right now I am in grad school to become a couples (maybe sex) therapist to help others overcome issues I have dealt with or helped others so far. I’m no expert, but if you’d love some tips to have healthier relationship, check out my personal site here.