I look at her,

her at me.

She begins.

The test results came back pretty normal.
low of DHEA which is associated with autoimmune diseases.
15 minutes go by.

What about this I say.

She talks.

10 minutes go by.

You have quite the tale.
91 doctors is pretty intense.
You’ll be able to stare future clients in the eye and tell them you’ve experience the “shit” side of life. You’ll be able to sit with them in their darkest moments cause you’ve been there.
You’re going to use all of this pain and really help some people.
10 minutes go by.

It’s going to be amazing what you do with all you wisdom.

I yawn. Fake a smile and leave into the abyss of the unknown

In 2013, I got sick, was forced to see 98 different doctors and have since struggled over the last three years to regain my health. I’m a retired perfectionist who is opening up the honest feelings and stories of my flawed past (and present) for others to read in my publication, Fighting with the Shadows of Hell.

Right now I am in grad school to become a couples (maybe sex) therapist to help others overcome issues I have dealt with or helped others so far. I’m no expert, but if you’d love some tips to have healthier relationship, check out my personal site here.