Unconditional Truth

and the shock of inner enlightenment

Dive deep into experiencing yourself as fully complete ~

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Guillaume Néry — the record-breaking free diver and film maker

There came a day, as you sat in deep meditation, when you travelled so deep within yourself you reached a place of utter silence, the void that dwells between all worlds.

And there in that place, quieter than silence, a soft voice that had been awaiting your arrival was finally able to be heard.

“What is it you haven’t been looking at in yourself?”

The voice of your soul is speaking.

“What is that deepest truth hidden within you, that you’ve chosen to keep secret even from yourself?”

This question gave you pause and took you further and deeper than ever before…

And you rested and floated in that place for a time, looking into your own eyes to see the very truth of you. To say this was easy would be a lie and when you are with me there is no place for lies.

The voice of your soul then led you to the shores of your ocean, and counselled you to wash your own shadow clean.

After, you rested your naked soul against the chill of the wet rocks and let the salty tears of the sea wash over and through you.

And here it was you beheld your deepest pain and your fears, and an unutterable sadness.

Confronting all that lay within, nothing was unseen or unfelt. And in that place it felt as though your heart might break beyond fixing and your world be plunged into darkest despair for ever and anon.

And in that exact moment of deepest darkness within, you saw the truth of your own soul — and its light — a radiant brilliance akin to the sun. A profound peace beyond any understanding settled in your soul.

And as your soul was seen, your voice was freed, and you hid your light no more.

You’d beheld the shadow of your world and the shock of what you learnt utterly enlightened you.

“It is a type of meditation....you feel extremely humble when you are hanging like a molecule of water in the blue enormity,” says Guillaume Néry. “Nowhere else in the world can you experience infinity with all five senses.”

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