[grokked sonically through soothing sounds of (Seer)]

…symbolic abstractions at the bottom of The Well…

seeds of soul,

sonically soldiered

-so as to be seen-

in the heart of it all.

unified, awesome theories

connect dots like [tic-tac-toe playing] Milky Way beings

sharing butter with the girl next door;

opening space for the present to

-o ‘Know Time’

in no time, you’ll see.

deontological delineations of dharma

dealing “ full decks” of decision-making trees;

cards of chance

2 change choice into 4ward choosing

— inherent in the complexity R the tools for inhabiting chaos —

we C


in {the special one}


find it, make

managing this most effective;

for The Friend

of the philosopher|poet|prophet

is also a person, personably,

personally friends with it too.

as it is seen, all this,

as one

function, clothed in form, fitting X

to #FitX

so #GOOD

God, maker of #Perennial beats,

beats #VICE

[the phantom’s fashion is timelessly dope]

high on arcs of J resonance —

the alphabet [absolutely] theorizes these theistic abstractions.


language levitates in hyperspacetime —

as in the beginning, Word

I am the deed —

mantra-making visions of beyond

move-images — mold this —


via vibrations,

vibrations of photonic lust-for-life


infusing the eye of your ear

with: all that,

so it goes…

[most amazingly the breath moves through this whole maze of meaning]

beyond Beyond, hip to a T and ready to be,

Bold: Old [Master] B-ing;

Meta Mosaics of Meaning;

“The Old Master” — Engineer of Human Souls & sounds so sweet;

Signals The Strength of Solomon [Vision]

across channels to reach

[the critters chatting on the circumference]

circumscribed by doubt & the prisons of one’s own creation.

The Player in The Game of Hide & Seek

Signals seamless transitions from that into this.

Syncretizing Songs of Synergy through the understanding

[so as the] rhythms, rhymed through time,

present in presence [patience, the present is in the presence]

pattern-patches of probabilistic possibility


through algo-generative springs

[of poetic bloom]

of Love,

Yes, Yes I do


Lovely Lovely Love!

Lovingly Love










Lovely Life


Loves Lovely Love.

Lovely Love Lovingly Loves

Love Love



i know that i know that i know

that, “all that i know is nothing”

i know, that i am that i am.


Brilliant Minds Illuminate Magic

[below your feet] [in your hands] [above your mind]

like pixie-dust debris spreading signs of the times

in the belly of the beast,

gestating in [this] seasoning of mind in mine,

mind of yours of theirs as ours, together,

unified in awesome

fermentation, multi-model crystalline structures

brewed with the #beats of this bass, beautiful

molecular, enzymatic metabolization designed in duty

to be dance moves for The Frontier Man

[even at the gates of far off membrainic lands, the brainiac shall dance!].

Wonder Land Journey Man

[sipping scotch & smoking soulful ENTHEOGENES]

…Lounging, Lamping, Living Life Large Like Larry & Leon…


Attention = Love




multiversitudinous expression of The ALL-ONE Cosmic Rodeo Show.

{wrangle ye rangers, all ye lumberbacks come now!}

carry {these} enchantments Beyond Suckville

to all seamen&women of Awesometown.

‘known knowns’ must be known!

wonderful ‘known unknowns’ await our knowing!

[eternal recurrence: 7th heaven spacetime of 12th grade!]

‘unknowns unknowns’ — we do [yes, we do] seem to now know —

reside on the side of Eros, morphologically unfolding

through Prana

-dangling, Dawn descends [in response]

…4 Three Riders 2 Uplift The One…

through the etherial balance in this

[what the hell is water?]


drips like

virtuous reality —

virtually real — realize real virtues are;

read before bed, preserve — pre-serve — “this” in your head

even when you go

[go, get out of your mind]

you stay, here, now,

[in this]

space; time


Become Time

timely timing of time

[…wormholes of wonder,

waxed in wizardry


art thou God?]

requires real-quixotic prerequisites, relinquishing reality:

2-to-4 too the leap of faith.

to fly,

jump it



[like this]

>for that>