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The Creator Economy: Po.et Development Labs, Inkrypt & the Builder Community

The value of Po.et is an ecosystem for the media world of tomorrow where ownership, reputation and discovery are at its core. This is catalyzed through the use of blockchain as we are giving creators around the world a platform to control their assets so that they can receive market value for their ideas. The value of the internet should be a web of permanence. A web of transparency. A web of reputation. We intend for Po.et to create this web, and this is the opportunity we see on the horizon and our direct mission today.

Po.et is building the protocol for creators. When we talk about creators, we’re not just referring to those who will use the many applications built on top of the Po.et protocol for their work. We’re also talking about those who are building the applications on top of the protocol itself. Fostering an ecosystem for creators built by creators will enable people to own and value their content beyond anything that has been achieved on the internet. Po.et’s success will not only be a technological advancement, but it will also redefine, philosophically, what it means to be a creator. The era of permanence and reputation will transform the processes of building as we know it, in both how creators produce and the tools in which they use to do it.

Po.et is a platform of decentralized systems built for attribution, discovery and monetization of digital content. Today, Po.et is building a trustless, verifiable and more reputable version of the web. It’s aim is to be the platform for the world’s creative assets, enabling creators, media companies and alike to build and leverage value by using blockchain technology (immutability, reputation and access).

How do we enable the world to speak freely? How do we give them a platform that makes their ideas secure and accessible? How do we usher the next wave of access, plus benefits, that is so necessary in both the product and experience for creators large and small? How do we build a protocol that enables builders to construct the tool kits and technologies necessary to develop the media ecosystem that will be sustainable for the future?

Today, Po.et is announcing Po.et Development Labs. As Po.et continues to evolve, we encourage new projects to build on our platform to further realize its value and expand its already vast ecosystem. In that spirit, we are excited to announce an official development initiative that will enable us to invest in and provide a platform for media companies and creators everywhere to build on the blockchain. Not only will these investments strengthen the Po.et protocol, but they will benefit our tremendous community as well by helping us reach our milestones more quickly and at scale with new and exciting initiatives.

The first project to build on Po.et is Inkrypt, a global decentralized system providing a censorship-resistant solution for journalism hosting and delivery that will render journalism content permanent and immutable. In countries with oppressive regimes that censor news and information, this technology is absolutely critical.

Inkrypt seeks to eliminate single points of failure in media hosting by applying a journalist-led governance model to monitor digital content in an ethical fashion. By doing this, they are relinquishing deep concentrations of centralized network control. In turn, this reduces a journalist’s need to acquiesce to governmental demands. Making information available and transparent to all is our mission at Po.et. Finding partners that are looking to evolve and build for change in the same vein has been paramount.

“We wanted to partner with Po.et because there is a complete alignment in vision,” Farhan Javed, Inkrypt’s co-founder, said. “At the core, both of us want to empower content creators and usher in a new media ecosystem dedicated to data integrity, transparency and ownership.”

Inkrypt is a service that allows journalists to store and distribute their content across several personal devices around the world instead of a single server. This means that governments and other entities cannot censor or choke off the content. From another angle, it works like an Uber for media content hosting so that governments cannot censor the work of journalists the way they would normally do with content in a central server.

Inkrypt is the first of many next-generation media and technology companies building on the Po.et protocol. With that, we also want to enable partners to not just build on top of Po.et but to help build Po.et as well. We’ve been connecting with creators from across the world and media companies large and small to enable them to start leveraging blockchain technology to benefit publishing, journalism and creative endeavors.

If you have a project and would like to build on Po.et, please reach out to contact@po.et and include “Development Initiative” in the subject line. We look forward to this exciting wave of growth and the first of many partnerships.

We are excited for this initiative with Inkrypt and many more like it to accelerate building Po.et for the community, by the community. In the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing even more partnerships.



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