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Letter sent on Aug 27

Not done yet, just on hiatus

Photo (selfie) by Bobbi Dare

Hello Lovelies!

I have not been feeling the call of my Muse for a few weeks now and it’s becoming obvious that I need a break. What is on my list of things to do:

(1) I need to find work ASAP! I have to leave my current home and find other accommodation, which is nearly impossible without a steady job, so poetry is taking a lower priority on my list.

(2) I am still working out how to start off a YouTube Channel. I have a few videos up already but I am not totally happy with the content. Work in Progress.

(3) Writing songs/lyrics is still on my list but I have had the same words on my WP for weeks now and nothing else is forthcoming — my Muse will not speak to me.

(4) I don’t know if I will end up living in Toronto by the end of this year and I have no idea where I will end up living. I don’t consider this stressful but it occupies my thoughts and is distracting.

(5) I plan to write a book of poetry with additional content from Poetic Interventions as the subject matter.

I have to stress that #1 is the most important right now so that is my focus. If you want to ask me about my work or you have a commission request then feel free to contact me via email at bobbidareme@gmail.com

Thank you all for reading and have a great week!

<hugs> Bobbi