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Letter sent on Aug 10

Poetry Intrupted!

Photo my me — so yes, a Selfie

Hello Lovelies,

I was out of commission last few days and I ran out of queued content… oopsie. Still working on Life, Love Aborted, it is ongoing so I will do an additional post this Saturday to make up for my laziness.

Drinking plenty of coffee right now and catching up with all of the work that I have left hanging, ugh!

Oh yes! I am now using Hootsuite to help me do my Social Media posts and, while it is hard to figure out, once you understand it it’s great —S aving me tons of time in managing all my stuff.

Other stuff on the horizon, I am starting to write music, based on my poetry, of course, and plan to record a few songs sometime this Summer. Once again, keeping in mind my terrible laziness, but that is my goal.

Thank you all for reading,

Love Bobbi