Dark times.

I want to write a story, the one of me and you, that’s what you’ve left inside me, so Yes this is just the truth.

What do you want? What will make you stop? Why should I save the darkest heart? The one that’s torn me apart. You have your sickness down to an art.

You want my support? I can’t give that to you. The mere thought of you makes my head swell with rage first, then angst and pain. That’s just the start of it.

How can I offer support to you, the man thats driven me insane? Sent me right down crazy lane. It seems like there’s no end, yet again.

The memories of you, I tell you they’re not sweet. The picture my mind just drew, I was your piece of meat.

You like to spin your Web of lies, your so full of hate and deceit but you say I’m the cheat.

What do you expect me to say? That I will come and hold your hand? Help you to grieve and understand?

I’m sorry but I can’t do that, however heartless that may sound. You know how many times it took for me to leave and break free of your hands?

Life is hard, it is an art and this is what happens when you try to hold the sand In your hands. I can’t save you, it won’t be done, this is lifes lesson you have to learn.

I could sing about you this truthful song, that your a demonic, sick, odious, tyrant. You know I’m not wrong.

I’d wished I was wrong for a very long time but the longer I stayed, harder I tried, the more you were unkind, pushed me aside. You and your closed off mind.

Closed off to the fact, that life can be good. That for peace, love and unity are for what we are stood.

You have stained my heart with your dark tainted soul and you ask for help because I’m what you know. You want my pity? Really is that a man? Well I don’t want to know so go back to your gang, play the hard man. I will never be there to hold your hand, Yeh thats cruel but if you were me, you’d understand.


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