I could write it in a million words,

Describe it with a hook.

Everything about you,

I could write it in a book.

I don’t want to do that though

You haven’t earned the ink.

Just markings of your poison, where there’s nothing left to speak.

So why don’t you go and move on?

Turn that tempestuous, crooked key, unlock your ever after because I promise, it’s not me.

Why should I wish for you, to be somthing that you ain’t?

You had the opportunity, the chance, but no you didn’t change.

I don’t know why you think, that I should talk to you again.

You never had anything good to say, being with you bared a curse to only contain pain.

Your odious character is so sick and real, I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

I don’t even want to feel it, I want to banish it from every part of my mind, like I have cut you out my life.

I guess it’s me that holds the knife but, I wouldn’t drive the blade.

Because guess what i’m not you and this is not a game.