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Dancing with Joy


Dance movement therapy is an alternative way to aid someone with a disturbed emotional condition.

This somatic intelligence can be used to tailor for the individual with special needs, such as children with emotional and communication difficulties, Autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or depressed adolescents.

The developing discipline of this therapeutic module is adopted in the UK for psychosomatic patients.

Dance movement therapy is a state registered profession alongside the other art therapists of art, music, and drama, with some particular working in an education setting in recent years.

The versatility of dance movement therapy is a trait worth honor; dance movement therapy can fit various populations and settings.

Dance movement therapy can improve the skill of individual emotional management, enhance one’s emotional literacy, and help individuals acquire emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration.

Emotional management is not a peripheral or incidental topic in modern society; rather, it is one that brings us to the very heart of center belief about learning and life.

The ultimate concern of life is the improvement of the well-being of human beings. So health issue is a crucial part of this realm.

A health issue can be discussed in two-dimensional contexts-either physical or mental; and, in order to comprehend the comprehensive human being existence, one must consider both aspects.

The education profession pays a lot of attention to the pupil’s academic attainments. Though Pupil’s mathematics and language ability are important in learning. But the skill for a young person to cope up with difficulties and face frustration in life is also important.

Emotional literacy not only can assist in the relationship with others but also can aid the improvement in adjustment to an ever-changing phenomenon.

Now, there is a crisis all over the world. A lot of people suffer from depression. Dance movement therapy is a suitable substitute for the way out.

Originally published at http://poeticmindfulness.wordpress.com on February 27, 2021.



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Poetic Mindfulness

Poetic Mindfulness

slow down my brain, breathe deeply, foster present-moment awareness, keep an open and friendly mind to appreciate what is going on in and around me.