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The Indelible Essence of Body

After the mind sojourned at the body burrowing, it produced an aversion to the barrenness of the deep cave.

As Irigaray pointed out in the “Plato’s Hystery1” chapter of “speculum “: tracing the depreciation of material senses and pursuing absolute truth with the “cave allegory” is the root of the metaphysical tradition of “despise the senses and value the thoughts.

“Under such a mark, the body is broken into the lower level. In addition to the self-righteousness of rationality, coupled with taboos derived from civilization and morality. Under the restriction of civilization’s repression and taboo, the original color of the body has been smeared.

Bakhtin lifted the ban on the body and made the body dance in the square grandiosely during the festivities in Rabelais2. This kind of eagerness to dislocate up and down and to set things right out of order proves against the unnecessarily charged of vulgarity, inferiority, and obsceneness that culture “crowned” the body. The body is silenced under rational hegemony and disappeared under civilized authority.Where are the sound channel and visible space for the body? Step into the opera stage like a miniature of human life, see the body in the “reactionary theater,” “puppet theater,” and “essential theater,” performance. The body’s role is transformed from female actor, harlequin, to protagonist, establishing its conscious subjectivity and showing the original appearance of its life. In this way, the body can recover the positive image and meaning in human civilization. The aim of this series of writings is to expose the truth that the body is being despised and used and to establish an essential stage for the body to show its indelible essence.

1Irigaray.Luce. (1985). Speculum of the Other Woman. Trans.Gillian Gill Ithaca:Cornell UP.

2Bakhtin Mikhail (1984). Rabelais and His World. Trans. H. Iswolsky Indiana University Press.

Originally published at http://poeticmindfulness.wordpress.com on September 8, 2020.



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