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Thoughts of the Day Dreams of the Night~~ PART1


Deborah had a chat with Charlotte during lunchtime.

Deborah: I watched a movie recently. The title of the movie was “Just Mercy”. Charlotte : How was the movie?

Deborah: The film was fantastic. It’s even better than my expectation. The movie never runs out of steam. With a tight plot and great characters, this movie was epic.

Charlotte : After listening to your comments, I can’t wait to watch this movie

Deborah: Thoughts of the day, dreams of the night. Last night, I had a special dream about the subject of that film.

Charlotte : Thoughts of day and dreams of night?.

What is the meaning of such an expression?

Deborah: What lingers in my mind during the daytime enters my dream at night. On the other hand, what you dream of at night reflects what you think about in the daytime.

Charlotte: What was your dream last night? I am all ears.

Deborah : There was a man in my dream, and he told me about his life story.

~~~~~ in the dream ~~~~~

Male: Once upon a time, I was in my twenties. I served in the army.

I was an introverted and timid person.

My attitude towards life was to accept it, come what may. All I had to do was smile and put up with it.

Because of my personality, I was a weak person and a victim of intimidation within the group.

A five-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and killed in a military barracks.

And I became an innocent scapegoat.

After being subjected to 37 hours of repeated coercive interrogations, I was so exhausted and almost broke down.

At this crucial moment, a colonel walked in with a smile on his face.

He pacified me and told me:

Hey, Dude, I believe in you. You are not guilty. All you have to do is sign the paper. I’ll get you out of here.”

Luckily, my savior finally showed up to save me.

That made me feel relieved. I was thankful to the colonel I never knew.

In view of my trust in this colonel, I signed the legal document without examining it.

However, my signature led to my execution.

I turned into something floating in the air.

How come I was put to death? I couldn’t figure out what happened.

Honestly, I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

I would like to use this video to commemorate the souls who died in the military injustice:

Return regrets to the world
Let this video faintly recount the sorrow for you
Let go of nostalgia, end the bondage, with hope for life expectancy
To pursue the journey of a happy life in the next life

express my sincere gratitude to the image contributors
stories freepics
music from FB music library



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