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Thoughts of the Day Dreams of the Night~~ PART2


I missed my family; I didn’t know if they were doing well.

Overlooking the world from above, I noticed that society criticized my family, neighbors despised my parents. I’m sorry for my family was implicated by my unreasonable charges.

The wrongful conviction had brought dishonor on my family.

I overlooked the other side.

Those people who framed me all got promoted at their military career.

Especially, “my savior” even was awarded the medal of honor by the President.

I was a noble spirit. I looked at those bad people living happily in the human world. I did nothing to punish them, even though I possessed the magic power since I died.

I’ve been waiting for so many years. I got misty-eyed knowing that it finally comes out in the wash.

The evidence against me was re-examined by forensic experts, who concluded that they could not prove my involvement in the murder.

After reopening the case, prosecutors confirmed I was in fact innocent of the criminal charges.

Those bad guys were ordered to pay the sum in the civil case over the wrongful conviction and execution.

Political connection gave them immunity.

They all hid their assets and declared bankruptcy, my family didn’t get the compensation.

I still keep my good heart, didn’t take any action to get revenge.

Maybe I should have let it go. Turned the other cheek…

But I was, honestly, stunned for my such noble virtue.

“My savior” retired from the military, now became a manager at a luxury five-star hotel.

One customer fell to the ground due to the carelessness of the hotel staff.

“My savior” still exploited the same mean tactic to treat this poor victim.

This injured customer suffered from the Cauda equina syndrome, crippled for one year, now still under the influence of injury.

He intimidated the customer to sign a document to forsake the right of medical compensation.

“My savior” has lived in vain for so many years.

Several years passed, he didn’t clean up his act under my forgiveness.

This time I will……

Deborah : At this moment I woke up, couldn’t hear the complete statement he said.

So, I didn’t know what would happen.

Charlotte: That’s an interesting dream.

Deborah : At the end, the noble spirit seemed to realize something.

You can’t teach the old dog new tricks.

Charlotte: In Chinese


This saying depicts a similar scenario.

It signifies as follows:

People never change. Old habits die hard.

Deborah: I wonder why in different cultures all used the dog as the negative object.

That’s an animal discrimination!

One dog appears and says:

I am so cute. Don’t use me to compare to the villain, crook, scumbag,

a nasty piece of work, a ruthless person, a two faced cow.

Sorry, I disparage the cow as well.

Deborah: Please pay attention to public safety and learn from this Chinese sign:


I would like to use this video to commemorate the souls who died in the military injustice:

Return regrets to the world
Let this video faintly recount the sorrow for you
Let go of nostalgia, end the bondage, with hope for life expectancy
To pursue the journey of a happy life in the next life

express my sincere gratitude to the image contributors
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