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Who Owns the Body?

Based on the aforementioned thoughts, the structure of this thesis is described as follows:

The structure of this thesis is to first layout the human cultural phenomenon, the body is under the guidance of civilization, which is a performance under the misleading instructions of the arrogant director, showcasing the colonial parody of colonial violence in a supporting role in the “reactionary theater”.

Then in the “puppet theater,” the body takes the harlequin pose is an instrumentalized performance manipulated by utilitarianism.

Further, construct a peaceful and independent “essential theater” to welcome the real performance of the body.

The details about the structure are explained below:

The body through the “reactionary theater” of female body movements makes a colonial parody of self-reflective performance. In this way, it highlights the deviation development of the binary opposition ideology.

In the phenomenon of the frontalization of the body in the “puppet theater”, the status of the body is observed from the degree of objectification of the theater.

From the trend of modernization, the use of realistic techniques to replace the atmospheric performance of body movements, to nationalism defending the survival of body movements, and the retroism emphasizing on body movements, pointed out that the body has become a tool utilized by capitalism, political interests, and neocolonialism.

In the “essence theater”, it is intended to highlight the question of “Who owns the body? “

From the female actor in the “reactionary theater” to the harlequin in the “puppet theater”, the body is acting on the spot, and the true face of the body is still lurking.

Waking up from drowsiness, the body gets rid of being despised by ideology and rejects being manipulated by capitalism. The body belongs to itself. Positioning itself with its own indelible essence, the body becomes the protagonist of the “essence theater”.

It is hoped that the body will be so attentive to life, and life should also be sympathetic to the body so that life can show a perfect state under the harmony of body and mind, and also make the world move from “opposing politics” to “differentiated politics”, displaying a harmonious presentation of diversity.

Originally published at http://poeticmindfulness.wordpress.com on October 3, 2020.



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Poetic Mindfulness

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