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What Kind Of Booze Could Get You Drunk
Louder Than Life (؟?)

Hold You Tight

with the deeds of my longs

I woke up with the deep desire to be infected
with the virus of a positive mood. You smiled.

Staunchly, oozing like honey thru my essence,
your moans, [don’t ever leave me], are my juju.

By echoing to me tendentiously, [you’re mine],
made any peeps translate it as being my name.

I think about you, means, not to dream of you
but [hold you tight] with the deeds…



In the background, a song intensifies a moment. Thoughts & Music are fusing, unchaining an emotion. There’s something inciting. The lips of words, kiss the inspiration. Everything’s playful. Is spontaneous. The tenderness is there. The joy spread up Poetic Essences. © Claudia MP

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Un P’tit Je Ne Sais Quoi

Un P’tit Je Ne Sais Quoi

© Claudia MP is the Top Writer on the Topic of Music. ‧ I Blindfolded Your Moon With My Sun. I Murmured To You — Find Me. Subtle You Did It. You Found Me.