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Just a little Sumthin’-Sumthin’

with an authentic imagination

❝ — «I can feel you thinking.»
— «Sorry. I can’t sleep.»
— «Actually, I have a little sumethin’ for that.»
— «Just a little sumthin’?»❞

un p❜tit je ne sais quoi © PoeticEssences, — Author

you’re not a liar, — you’re just that person
with an authentic imagination… —
any of your fantasy has own attachment,
playing nicely with other infidelities;




In the background, a song intensifies a moment. Thoughts & Music are fusing, unchaining an emotion. There’s something inciting. The lips of words, kiss the inspiration. Everything’s playful. Is spontaneous. The tenderness’s there. The joy spread up Poetic Essences. © Claudia M.P.

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Un P’tit Je Ne Sais Quoi

Un P’tit Je Ne Sais Quoi

un-ptit-je-ne-sais-quoi.blogspot.com © Claudia M.P. • I Blindfolded Your Sun With My Moon. I Murmured To You, – Find Me. Subtle, You Did It. You Found Me.

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