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Take Me to Sweet Monaco

Devour my coconut sandwich

“Oh Carlo, your my kinda Montea ” Photo by Jaylee Reign, ©, 2022

I’m thinking of my rumble; In my tum,
A biscuit with my tea, that I have dunked.
A montea-carlo-kermy sandwich yum,
Treat so sweet! —ohmm— oh, such sticky fun!
You, naughty butter-bikkie, you! Whips a
reckless toffee treacle crumb, you melt
My jam! Coconut cream between rough sheets
Sigh’s mass — my tongue masticates moreish long
Consumption kissing my perfect body




In the background, a song intensifies a moment. Thoughts & Music are fusing, unchaining an emotion. There’s something inciting. The lips of words, kiss the inspiration. Everything’s playful. Is spontaneous. The tenderness’s there. The joy spread up Poetic Essences. © Claudia M.P.

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Jaylee Reign

Jaylee Reign

… with a wilderness heart დ

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