3 words to freedom!

credits: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/20/77/28/2077286ea49433eb91f7fbb5c53481bd.jpg

Going through the dark mountains.

I stuck on this gate,

Water flowing down the rocks,

broken woods and dark green fungus.

Lizards and rats roaming around,

Tree branches falling down,

The gate was closed and

it was written.

Ask what you wish for,

And it will be granted.

It should be something,

that does not spoil you.

Something that will make you free.

Something you can always keep.

All of which is ageless,

All of it is priceless.

It will be all yours.

What will you ask for?

What is the thing that you need?

What will make you free?

He stood there relaxed,

taking a deep breath.

He closed his eyes.

Took a step forward,

Near the gate he reached.

Hissing noises.

He again took a breath again and said

3 words.

The gate opened.

He was free.

Ageless. Timeless.

What did he say?

I want nothing.