2017: Day 3


Taz Ahmed
Taz Ahmed
Jun 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Why does love make you feel sick to your stomach
Worse than hunger pangs
Cravings that can’t be satisfied
Malnourishment enveloped in insecurities and vulnerability
My longing heart yearns to be quenched
Aching with desire to drink from his source

— Travina Springer


By noon, my breath is
damp. Hours thick in rain. The month
still handsome and young.

— Sahar Romani


Sometimes the ice is thin and yet I walk.
i feel it start to give, while i continue.
i talk to myself in positive tones
trying to paint a beautiful picture of this disaster
i stand upon.

spiderweb cracks begin to form beneath my feet,
truly wonderful designs,nature is a beautiful canvas,

i’d reflect upon how gorgeous split ice is,
if it wasn’t my foundation that was being torn.

Why do I continue? Why do I do this?

I know comparison is the thief of happiness.

I am aware of the danger of trying to find validation outside.

I know true love must start from within.

and yet i find myself once again,
precariously balancing on the edge of insecurity

feet slipping on fragile glass surfaces of self-doubt.

I know the way out. To shift my focus
fortify the walls of my self-worth.
dig down deep, and shed the locust of worry
the continues impetus to be a pleaser,
to put other’s needs first.
to say yes,
when i want to say no

i know what path these habits
this pattern of thought
of emotions of being
lead me down.

why do i keep walking?

I’m laying awake trying to fall asleep,
just after suhoor.
and i realize i’m praying.
wordlessly seeking.
asking for the gift of guidance.

It comes to me.
The recognition that I have a choice.
I have internal power to decide.
I go inside,
and my strength is found.
and in an instant
the ice disappears
and i’m back on solid ground.

— Tom Earl


I Self Lord And Master

I Fast And Feel

Deep In The Anger

I Hope To Last To Please


From Here

To The After Life

After Tonight

I Will Eat And Remember

What It Was Like To Be


I Still Am

But Today

I Will Strive Just To Hear

Allah’s Laughter

Joshua Elijah

Poetry-A-Day For Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of reflection and prayer and for some of us — poetry. This space is for poets to share their Ramadan poems or prose or paint or music daily for Ramadan.

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