Beneath the Waves

Artem Verbo Unsplash

With my head below water,
she comes to me,
with her cold currents
caressing my skin.

My Neptunian mistress,
I thirst her you see, 
but I dare not drink her
the way she drunk me.

I tried to resist her at first,
her frigidness,
her harsh welcome
to an eternal hideaway
beneath the waves,

but hard as I tried,
I too, fell victim to her
maritime song.

Sinking deeper,
surrounded by quiet
darkness, I can resist her 
no more. I breathe her in.

She reaches into my lungs
burning my insides 
with her wet touch.
I swallow, gulp after
frozen gulp, unable
to put the fire out.

Limbs fight to exhaustion,
but she soothes the struggle
with her numbing touch
and lulls me to sleep.

Forever I’ll rest by my mistress
in a sandy tomb in the sea
because I could no longer resist
not to drink her the way she drunk me.