Consolation Keep

Monsigneur Love, Thomas Cooper Gotch, Public Domain

Am I to be consolation,
Or is it that you are mine?
To keep saying “I love you”
Hoping that it won’t grow stale
And instead enrich its zest
Not dug up from those ancient utterances
Leftover from pale admiration

I woke up in heat of some other nightmare
Hoping you’d stay for a while
Chanting “I love you” a billion times over
Praying, then and still
If you would so accept
I wish to keep it alive in heart
Though now we’ve forever met
Perhaps alone, some consolation
For that pain which dreams itself vile

“I love you” even more than I know
I just want to say it over and over
For if a flavor be true
It can’t ever grow bitter
As those hearts residing madly in love
Forever hungover