For We Have Won

Above us the stars, marvels galore

Everton Vila, (Edited)

My palms are sweaty,
You don’t seem to mind,
Gripping my hand tight,
I am not ready, heart beating quick, unsteady,
But you are with me, gentle and kind,
Leading me always through the night.

Faster and faster,
We started so slow,
But picked up the pace, quick and well, you tell me,
I guess its the buzz, that is the key, to our united energy,
Or is it just my passion, my drive for her?
Does it matter? Should I wonder?
Faster and faster,
We started so slow,
But now we seem untamed, bolting on go.

In the middle of it all,
We stop and rest,
Whispering to each other,
Amidst panted breaths,
Staring into each others eyes,
Wide and Colourful,
Burning with desire, and a joy to be alive.

Come, come, you say,
And tug my hand again,
As we balance at the edge, of the end,
We’ve traveled so far, such a way,
To be here, as we were then,
So I push once more,
A single heave of might to clutch instant respite and sudden delight,
We collapse, lying side by side, onto the grassy floor,
Above us the stars, marvels galore.

We breath heavy, tired and even sore,
I kiss you on the cheek, you move in close,
We will sleep until the sun,
Tonight we dream, for we have won.

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