Him or the Wine | Anna

Photo Credit & License — Anastasia maka; CC License

A bottle of Sauvignon blanc, a glass
and a man…that man.
Her heart races, the heat begins,
is it the wine or is it him.

Another sip, maybe it’s both
but surely it’s just the wine.
With each word he speaks,
she feels the heat rise.

Oh it’s just the wine.
Really, it is.
A touch of his hand
it’s just …

The loss of her control
it’s just the wine
Her brain is foggy,
that has to be the wine.

She can’t seem to remember…
just maybe, maybe it’s him
Does anything else matter
it can’t just be the wine.

His hands on her hips
that’s not the wine.
His skin pressed to her’s
that’s definitely not the wine

Chest to chest, nothing between
where is the wine, this is all him
legs around him, pulling him in
again and again, it’s all him.

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