In This Kiss

Amy Sterling Casil
1 min readJun 15, 2016


Because she envied her life,
the witch gave the red apple to Snow White
who fell asleep as if dead
until the handsome prince woke her
with a kiss

The handsome prince woke her
his soft lips on hers
and her flesh met his with a spark
like fire, like light, like life

she woke and with waking
came the knowledge she was not alone
and the wonder of his scent

Oh to feel the hard touch of
a man’s hand
the rough sweetness of his fingers
on her breast

to feel her flesh melt to softness
her skin burn with pleasure
under the soft brown suede sky

this my love is all there ever was
all there will ever be
taking our pleasure in eternity

how short our lives
how soft the touch
how precious and sweet this spark

So the soul does take flight
in our brief moment of God’s night

Such is given, such do we take
And something for all time
Happens all unknowing, uncaring
Thoughtless, accidental

This spark, this particle
Going this way and that
In no time, in all times
Time stops

In this one kiss.

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