Night Feelings

Night by Debbie Aruta

Outstretched arm across the bed, 
touching my once filled side. 
The coldness left in my place,
his brain racing to find me.

Emotionally squatted in that chair,
watching my world unfolding.
A shiver racing through my spine,
reminding me that he is mine.

Eyes fluttering open,
focused on locating me.
Startled by the despair,
watching me balled up in this chair.

Hands outstretched for the past,
fingers summing me into intimacy…
I linger a moment,
then collapse into the bed of despair.

Hands on my neck,
fingers stroking my hair.
Mouth deeper, and deeper,
I let go of despair.

Outlining his skin with my hand,
tracing his freckles with my tongue,
His lips connecting on mine,
I’m falling apart under his weight.

Love comes after only a few bursts,
the minutes stretched out by sixty.
A forced connection, once
willingly given, now obliged.

Eyes locked,
Hearts racing,
Minds broken,
Loves gone!

Night feelings changed by the morning’s dawn.

Enjoy the poetry and writings of Debbie Aruta

~And Poetry After Dark