Summer Breezes

photo by Daan Spijer

Summer breezes
 play with the ladybugs on grass stalks.
 Black dots on orange tapestry.
 Green and green again weaves in my mind,
 the weft and warp of love thoughts,
 the thread that holds us in its thrall.
 We are as helpless in this play of light
 as black dots on shielded wings.
 But helpless as I am to be,
 I choose to love you for myself
 and you,
 and the wondrous product of your womb.
 We breathe the tapestry of our lives
 with shuttle speeding back and forth,
 the threads defined by destiny,
 but colours, rich and shimmering,
 we choose as we hold hands,
 make love, 
 see eye to eye
 or turn our backs.
 I close my eyes and see the cloth we weave
 and cry a tear where clashing shades
 make raucous tracks;
 and smile where muted colours blend
 so evenly that you and I are lost,
 but found in each other’s hearts.
 My joy for living,
 now and here,
 is seen in bright washes
 of sparkling hues.
 And in my dreams
 the woven cloth goes on,
 its riches testimony to our love.
 The ladybugs 
 now spreading wings
 and drifting in the breeze;
 now black on orange
 on the waving greens.
 And as I close my eyes again,
 the smell of love we share tonight
 confirms the gifts we have
 and give to each unstintingly.
 Goodnight, my love,
 and weave good dreams.
 Tomorrow spread our love around
 and bathe us in its smile.

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~ And Poetry After Dark

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