Waiting is Walking Away

Nebojsa Markovic /Creative Commons

Dreams alive
Music and lights,
Smiles and garments,
Falling from the shoulder –

These nights get younger
As I get older,
I tell him that I’m living
So that I won’t die too soon –

Try to remember how much fun
You had in the city of eternal spring…
I purr, in other words, 
Let me be remembered –

We part near an empty church
On a street a thousand years old,
Meet eyes, say goodbyes,
Let fate take control –

The sky oranges near the horizon,
Fog has collected around the tops
Of steeples and mountains,
My heels click the cobblestones –

I say secret prayers, like I don’t believe
This magic exists, like I don’t believe
That I’ll ever return as a person
Whole enough to appreciate it.

Enjoy the writings of Rachel B. Baxter

~ And Poetry After Dark