We fall in love with people not places

kazuend — unsplash.com

We fall in love with people not places
Places are made by people for people
made by us for us

There are no places without people
no people without places
A house is a house
A home is people

People walk and people talk
Places listen and people listen
to places listening

When we look back we see a mirror
and in it people
and in people a mirror

A person is an island
People are an archipelego
Places are the land, the water,
the sky, and the sun
People are the grass, the ground,
the birds, and the light
Places are air
People are breath

When we are alone
we fall in love with the way we feel
staring into emptiness
not people, not places

Might as well have fun while we can
People or no people
Places or no places

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