April Full Of Pain

Illustration appears courtesy of www.favim.com

She appears pretty and others adore what they know about her.

I used to love her sunshine. Blind to the fact her pain would one day become mine.

She’s deceitful,it’s because of her I once didn’t believe in people. Her gleam became obscenely evil.

I used to wish I could sleep through her entire thirty day stay. I was fine with the eleven others like her but longed to find the words to say to just make her go away.

Her days are painful reminders. Of death and the worst kind of loss, I hate and despise her.

They promised she would be accompanied by an abundance of rain,they left out the part about the bundle of pain.

The pain she’s caused me doesn’t detract from her smile. Turns out after all,her heart’s not all black and vile.

There’s a better side to her if I should so choose to see it. I can see my first love inside of her because she used to be it.

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