#Day11 — Flowing

In this world wide web,
where we are our own little world’s celebs,
there are way too many of our opinions,
speaking sophisticated gibberish unlike those innocent minions.
It’s not too far until we dissolve,
yet we continue to evolve,
hoping to make this world a better place,
looking up to some prominent face,
who is busy running the rat race.
We forget we are a part of this team,
and have to work together towards this dream,
lest our dreams turn into a nightmare,
before we are even aware.
It’s not easy, I agree,
but it’s important to foresee,
and look at those difficulties straight in the eyes,
before it breaks all our skies.
For if not now, then ever,
in the end, we will suffer.
In that last moment,
our journey will play like a reel,
and you wouldn’t be able to do anything but feel.
Feel what, you ask?
My dear, it’ll be whatever you manage to bask.

I’m taking the Poetry Month Challenge this year. I’ll be posting 30 poems in the next 30 days. To keep up with all stories, visit/follow my page — Poetry Month 2017.