#Day13 — Change

Change is the only constant of your life,
cutting every slice of the time with its non-existent knife.
It can either break your pattern,
or become your pattern.
And while you are at it,
you have two options,
bet on one of life’s small portion,
or sell of it with caution.
The former promises quality,
the latter focuses on quantity.
Now it all depends on what you prefer,
because some things are better left as a blur.

Not everything with change is a child’s play,
you are going to have to deal with it any which way.
So be wise, control the change if possible,
or else be ready to experience the horrible.
It wouldn’t hurt albeit knowing,
what change will change for you.
For as a woman of experience,
I’m warning you,
change has been changing faster than you knew.

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