#Day16 — Happy place

I sat there, waiting,
not for someone,
but for something.
The mic was set,
the lights and stage perfectly met.
A little smile came upon my face,
as the first person took up the stage.
The crowd applauded with a rage,
as if the storytellers were to free them from their cage.

One by one, they all came up,
trying their best to match-up.
Yet, there were a few,
who simply had no clue.
They didn’t even care,
they weren’t here to make this an affair.
They just came to tell their story,
the one that didn’t impose their opinions,
but instead gave the audience the freedom,
to carve the character of their characters,
while they, they just went on,
scene after scene,
making the audience dive in.
The audience too was lost,
 but it was sure worth the cost.

While all of this happened,
I sat there, witnessing it,
acknowledging it,
appreciating it,
converting it,
into my happy place,
the one that provided pure solace.

I’m taking the Poetry Month Challenge this year. I’ll be posting 30 poems in the next 30 days. To keep up with all stories, visit/follow my page — Poetry Month 2017.