#Day4 — Period

“You have got to be kidding me!”,
she yelled, staring at her bloody sea.
“Stop ovaryacting!”,
her period winked,
“Look, even I can be fun!”
“By cracking such a silly pun?”,
she smirked.
“Don’t you dare mess with me, lady!”,
her period warned.
“Or what will you do crybaby?”,
she scorned.
“I’ll come unannounced,
and make sure you are trounced.
For in this partnership,
remember I’m the Captain,
who can sink your little ship,
and ruin your pretty satin.”,
her period soared.
“While I was captive,
why didn’t you teach me to be adaptive?
But now, no matter what you do,
I will make sure I bid you adieu.”,
she sighed.

Her period was gone,
she was glad it was finally astray.
She ended her thought with a yawn,
and called it a day.
It was time to sleep to the heart’s delight,
now that there were no cramps to disturb her night.
There was nothing around to irritate her all the while,
and just like that, she found another reason to smile.

I’m taking the Poetry Month Challenge this year. I’ll be posting 30 poems in the next 30 days. To keep up with all stories, visit/follow my page — Poetry Month 2017.